04/28/17 Sooooo... it's pretty obvious we've completely dropped the ball with our website ever since moving to Denver. As usual, all the action is on our Facebook page. At some point we'll have our "online presence" figured out; but, until then, the Facebook action will have to do. We're recording a few new songs this summer and look forward to playing more shows in our new home – our show at Mutiny Information Cafe was a total blast. Have you ever listened to Gazelle Twin or Bill Evans?

09/12/16 We'd say, hooray fall is here, but we live in Texas, so it's really not. It is still summer. Despite this adverse weather, we are incredibly stoked to play at Denton's finest convenience store and craft beer bar, Midway Mart on September 22nd. It will be as surreal as it sounds and a total blast, so swing by if you are out and about. On October 8th, we are helping the historic Texas Theater celebrate their David Cronenberg film series by playing right after their screening of Scanners. This will also be a total blast. After that, we will be taking another lazy hiatus while we move to Denver, search for some quality croquet courts, and focus on recording our new songs. Until then listen to Chokey and Yamaneko.

05/25/16 Meh... we've added some house shows for the summer. Dates here. See y'all soon!

05/22/16 It's been over a decade since we first talked Rubber Gloves in Denton into letting us open for a long-forgotten touring band on a Tuesday night. We tried out some new songs, met some new friends, and had a blast. It's only fitting that one last time on a Tuesday at Gloves we are going to try out some new songs with a new line-up and visit with the many friends we've met through playing in our second living room. Please join us and share your stories. Thank you for everything, RRGS... looking forward to your next step.

04/03/16 Look, we haven't been sitting around playing Scrabble and doing nothing. Our new drummer is up to speed, Jen is embracing the bass, Mike is scribbling in his notebook, and collectively we have been writing a mess of new songs. However, to be totally honest, we have been playing a lot of Scrabble... ANYWAY... We'll start playing some shows in the near future and once again recording. Looking forward to seeing all of you soon.

08/22/15 We had a total blast last night playing after the screening of The Decline of Western Civilization at the historic Texas Theater in Oak Cliff - such a great place to see a film and a show. We're still talking about the band Mansion and highly recommend that you check them out online or in person as they are continuing their tour for several more dates. We'll surely see you soon. Take care.

06/25/15 Although it's like 173 degrees around here again, we're excited for a couple of shows in Denton and Dallas this summer. Our incredibly talented B-Moms friends continue to sit in with us and are helping to create a monolithic sonic squall. Come visit with us and bring an air conditioner.

04/16/15 It wasn't all croquet and Scrabble while we were on hiatus!... Pleased to announce the debut album we produced for our good friend Sarah Alexander is now available for pre-order from the Pour le Corps label. We are certain you will find this mix of spoken word, music, and wind as engaging as we do.

03/16/15 Well... exactly what we wanted to happen, happened. We grilled some food, played some Frisbee, made some new friends, and saw some awesome bands. A pretty good Springtime Jamboree all around! Thank you Michael Briggs, everyone living at Macaroni Island, * ~ ~ , Baby Blood, Plunge, and New Science Projects. Our hiatus is officially over!

01/19/15 Dallas was certainly a blast and it was great seeing old friends and making a bunch more new ones. We'll have some news about upcoming shows in a minute and also about a project we worked on during our lazy hiatus that is finally coming to fruition. Until then, listen to Asterisk TILDE TILDE and try to stay out of trouble for once in your life.

12/10/14 Well, we've denied you the magic long enough and are looking forward to playing with our friends Terminator 2, Problem DOGG, and others at the historic Texas Theater in Dallas for a Vice Palace curated night, Saturday, January 3 2015. If you've never been to the Texas Theater, you should visit at some point. Our friends have done a wonderful job restoring it and they screen some awesome films. It's also where Oswald was finally arrested. We really did mean to play in 2014, but never got around to it, what with all the croquet, Scrabble, and such. Now we have a limited window for shows as we'll soon be binge watching the new season of "House of Cards." However, we imagine most everyone else we know will too, so it will probably all work out just fine in the end. If our paths don't cross before the next show, be sure to have a wonderful holiday season and listen to Plunge.

10/05/14 Lazy Hiatus Update 2: The end of summer finds us moving from the croquet court in the backyard to the Scrabble board in the dining room.

06/29/14 Lazy Hiatus Update: You'll soon be able to hear our music and us voice characters on the audiobook for Darin Bradley's economic sci-fi novel, Chimpanzee. The book is great and due out in September on Resurrection House. Mike has a composition on a recent mammoth guitar-centric compilation released by Silber. Other guitarists contributing tracks include Alan Sparhawk of Low, Aidan Baker of Nadja, and P.D. Wilder of Hotel Hotel. In other news, our friends the Castanets have a beautiful new album coming out in August. Okay, back to croquet matches and assorted parlour games to pass the time.