Haven't been to a local show lately?
Keep your calendar clear for these seven stellar live acts

Publication: Dallas Observer
Writer : Sam Machkovech

I'll level with ya: We haven't run a Set List concert review in way too long. But it's not that the writers here have shunned local concerts--far from it. Here are some of the best live acts I've seen in the past month and a half that haven't gotten enough press in the Observer. Some are new and some aren't, but they're each a treat to see on a local stage. We'll resume normal Set List reviews within the next few weeks.

Shiny Around the Edges: This Denton duo bears a passing resemblance to Low's so-quiet-it's-sleepy minimalism, but Shiny Around the Edges creates beauty through tension, not solemn melody. Husband and wife Michael and Jennifer Seman (yeah, yeah, get the laughs out now) will sometimes fill the air with little more than a howl, the bangs of a tom drum and a few vicious strikes of an acoustic guitar's minor chord, but whether their songs reach a crescendo or warble off into the dusk, the duo's mix of intimacy and terror practically begs for a part in an M. Night Shyamalan film. During the Strategies of Beauty festival, Shiny had some friends add wonderful bits of horns and slide guitar for a few songs, proving the band isn't stuck on a two-people-only gimmick (though you're unlikely to see a live duo as captivating as this one). Don't miss their set opening for the superb out-of-town combo of Castanets and Phosphorescent at Rubber Gloves on Sunday.