Shiny Around the Edges I Just Can't Let You Say Goodbye 7"
Paper Stain Recordings

Publication: Dallas Observer
Reviewer: Merritt Martin

There's nothing like a little white vinyl 7-inch to bring out the best and the evocative in a Willie Nelson cover. Jennifer Seman's pure and lilting voice creates an amazing tension when coupled with an ominous drone. The railway sound effect adds an atmospheric quality that's unexpected and ethereal despite its mechanical nature. Shiny's collaboration with Castanets on this track makes for no Willie you've heard before.

As far as B-side "Applied Quantum Physics," I want it crafted into some sort of material form and hung on my wall. It's a builder of a song, beginning with a simple strum pattern and a bang of the drum before swelling into an aggressive stomp assault that lyrically acknowledges both confusion ("It was last night or maybe next week") and resolve ("I found the book/I found the answer"). The less often heard vocals of Michael Seman are alluring and convey a sense of honesty. The track has its own murky spirit, which is lifted and unnervingly carried above and away by the piano-playing of Sean Kirkpatrick. "Applied Quantum Physics" grips tights and won't let go. Now give us an album.