Shiny Around the Edges Secrets of the Double Blind

Reviewer: WC

(Part of Tiny Mixed Tapes' annual "Eureka!" section which documents the writers' favorite 25 unheard albums of the year)

Talk about being off the radar! Shiny Around the Edges may be hiding in an underground bomb shelter in Denton, Texas, but we wouldn't know because their music sounds much more like an igloo than the South. Their unsettling lullabies and questioning of existence echo in a cavernous world that they sound completely isolated in. Their music seems too personal to ever be committed to tape, yet they made Secrets of the Double Blind. Like walking in uninvited to a home of the occult, the music was unpredictable and always on the verge of explosion. Jennifer's voice (they're too reclusive for last names in their album credits), as soft and delicate as it is capable of cutting through glass, found a happy, yet unsettling, medium between Karen Carpenter and Marianne Faithfull. Whether it was murky ambience or an assault of percussion and feedback, Shiny Around the Edges explored a dark void of nothingness in a surprisingly spiritual way. Remember when I said they were a little too personal? That feeling rings loud and clear when you find your CD, tied in delicate ribbon with a silk rose inside.