Friday, August 21st - Dallas, TX
Texas Theater - $8 10PM
After the screening of The Decline of Western Civilization
w/Bukakke Moms, Mansion (Oakland, CA), and more

Tuesday, July 14th - Denton, TX
Bukkake Moms Tour Kick-off Party!
Rubber Gloves - $1/$3 9PM
w/Bukakke Moms, Palberta (New York),
Bonnie Jones/Suzanne Thorpe Duo (Baltimore/New York), BAKA

Saturday, June 6th - Denton, TX
Dan's Silverleaf & 35 Denton Present
New Girl Order - $10 7PM
w/Glitterature, Wiving, Jessie Frye, * ~ ~, and The Mydolls

Saturday, March 14th - Denton, TX
Macaroni Island - Free!

First Annual Shiny Around the Edges Jamboree
w/ * ~ ~ , Baby Blood, Plunge, and the New Science Projects

Saturday, January 3rd - Dallas, TX
Texas Theater - $5 10PM
w/Terminator 2, Problem DOGG, and more...


2001 - 2014

So many years, so many shows... the list is mind-numbing.