Saturday, January 3rd - Dallas, TX
Texas Theater - $5 10PM
w/Terminator 2, Problem DOGG, and more...



Meh... we weren't really feeling 2014, so we took it off.



Sunday, October 20th - Denton, TX
Dan's Silverleaf $5 Adv / $7 Door
w/Chris Schlarb's Psychic Temple + Sarah Alexander

Wednesday, September 11th - Denton, TX
Macaroni Island $FREE
w/Mines (Chicago), Forbes & Lemons, + more...

Saturday, September 7th - Denton, TX
Free Week @ Rubber Gloves $FREE
w/Baptist Generals, Daniel Markham, Wire Wings

Saturday, July 27th - Denton, TX
Secret House Party w/True Wido
Hit us up for details...

Saturday, May 18th - Denton, TX
Spiderweb Salon Benefit @ Jn'J's on the Square $3
Jen playing two songs...

Saturday, March 9th - Denton, TX
35 Denton - Oak Street Draft House
Mike participates in the panel discussion...
"Denton: A City, a College, and a Creative Class"
(NOTE: This is free to the public)

Friday, March 8th - Denton, TX
35 Denton - Banter
Gutterth Records Showcase
w/The Angelus, My Education, and Ghost to Falco
(NOTE: You will need a 35 Denton wristband for this show)

Saturday, January 26th - Denton, TX
Strategies of Beauty 3 @ Rubber Gloves $10
w/Pinkish Black, True Widow, Nervous Curtains,
Strange Towers, Cerullian Giallo, and Bitch Teeth

Saturday, January 5th - Ft. Worth, TX
The New Media Recordings House (1329 Hurley Ave)
A night of Film + Word + Music...
.:. Poetry by the Waxahachie Wildman, BRUCE LEE WEBB .:.
Plus, live music by two of Denton Texas' finest exports...
(NOTE: Please park in parking lot across from house)


Rubber Gloves, December 21st - Denton, TX
Party for the End of the World... and Jewel's birthday!
w/Secret Cakes, Def Rain, Cerulean Giallo, and DJ Yeahdef

Macaroni Island, November 16th - Denton, TX
The Night is a Disco Release Party
Presented by Gutterth Records and Paperstain Records
w/Eccotone + Forever Home

Nightmare on Congress Street - Saturday, October 27th
House Party! 606 Congress Street
w/Cerulean Giallo, Vaults of Zin, Dark Forces

Rubber Gloves - Monday, October 29th
Drink to Victory's 10th Anniversary
w/Drink to Victory, Dust Congress, and more...

Friday, September 14th - Denton, TX
Dan's Silverleaf - $13/$16
w/Mission of Burma and The Gary

Saturday, September 8th - Denton, TX
Rubber Gloves Free Week
35 Denton Night
w/A.Dd+, Idiots, and The Atomic Tanlines

Saturday, August 4th - Denton, TX
BluDDeD HeAD Album Release Show
Rubber Gloves - 10 PM $1/$3
w/Akkolyte + Eccotone

Wednesday, August 1st - Denton, TX
Dan's Silverleaf - $5
w/Forever Home, Hares on the Mountain,
plus many more!

Sunday, May 26th - Denton, TX
Secret Show
Hit us up at the usual places for info...

Saturday, May 26th - Denton, TX
The Belles of Texas present The Bump It Mafia
Women in Printmaking Show
Rubber Gloves - 10 PM $1/$3
w/BluDDeD HeAD

Friday, May 18th - Denton, TX
Rubber Gloves - 10 PM
w/Ella Minnow

+ + + 35 Denton + + +
Friday, March 9th - Denton, TX
Rubber Gloves - 10 PM
w/Psychic Ills, Woodsman
+ Baruch the Scribe

Saturday, March 10th - Denton, TX
4th Annnual Paperstain Records Dayparty & BBQ
Nick's House - TBA
+ + + 35 Denton + + +

February 18th - Denton, TX
Lumberjack Fest
Dan's Silverleaf
w/Spooky Folk, Spitfire Tumbleweeds,
+ more!


Friday, December 30th - Denton, TX
Paperstain Recordings Family Reunion
Rubber Gloves
w/Dust Congress, Drink to Victory,
Notes from Underground + more!

Thursday, October 20th - Denton, TX
Peopleodian CD Release Show
Rubber Gloves
w/Peopleodian, Sppoky Folk, and Botany

Saturday, September 3rd - Denton, TX
Gutterth Night at Free Week
Rubber Gloves
w/THe Angelus, New Science Projects,
Pinkish Black, and RTB2
Yes... it's free!

Friday, July 29th - Denton, TX
Simone Lounge
w/Tang Lung and some Chicago bands
We go on at 10PM.

Thursday, June 30th - Denton, TX
Gutterth Presents
New Science Projects CD Release Show
Rubber Gloves
w/NSP + Cukoo Birds + Terminator 2

Sunday, May 15th - Denton, TX
Dentoneer Launch Party!
Rubber Gloves
w/bands, bands, and bands!

Sunday, April 24th - Denton, TX
Kerm and Jen's Birthday Spectacular
Dan's Silverleaf
w/all sorts of fun things!

Sunday, March 13th - Denton, TX
35 Conferette
"Words and Music"
Dan's Silverleaf - 4:45 PM
Collaboration with Darin Bradley
Author of Noise

Saturday, March 12th - Denton, TX
35 Conferette
Andy's - 11:30 PM
w/Esben and the Witch

Friday, March 11th - Denton, TX
Paperstain Records Showcase
Nick's House - 7:45 PM
w/Kampfgrounds and many, many more!!!

Saturday, March 5th - Addison, TX
Out of the Loop Fringe Festival: Points of Departure
Water Tower Theater - 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Performing with dancer Sarah Gamblin

Saturday, January 15th - Denton, TX
Denton Stray Rescue Benefit
Rubber Gloves
w/Record Hop, Dust Congress, Neeks,
and many, many more!!!

Saturday, January 8th - Dallas, TX
Pastime Tavern - $5(?)
w/Binary Sunrise + Neeks


Friday, December 17th - Ft. Worth, TX
Lola's - $8
w/Doug Burr + Glen Farris

Thursday, October 14th - Denton, TX
Rocking Rodeo
w/Toadies + Here Holy Spain
Purchase Tix in Advance

Saturday, September 11th - Denton, TX
Cats & Dogs: A Benefit for the Denton Humane Society
Rubber Gloves
w/Greg Ginn, Record Hop, Tre Orsi, Dust Congress,
and many, many more!!!

July 21st - 24th
Phosphorescent + Shiny Around the Edges
Texas Tour 2010

Jul 21 Wed Houston House of Blues
Jul 22 Thu Austin The Independent
Jul 23 Fri Dallas Kessler Theater
Jul 24 Sat Lubbock The Foundation

August 5th - 15th
Shiny Around the Edges + Dust Congress
Summer Tour 2010

Aug 5 Thu St. Louis Apop Records
Aug 6 Fri Chicago The Mopery
Aug 7 Sat Chicago Ball Hall
Aug 8 Sun Kalamazoo The Strutt
Aug 9 Mon Columbus The Treehouse
Aug 11 Wed Philadelphia The Fire
Aug 12 Thu Manhattan 11th Sreet Bar
Aug 13 Fri Brooklyn Lulu's

Saturday, July 10th - Denton, TX
Rubber Gloves
w/Dove Hunter + Dust Congress

Friday, June 18th - Denton, TX
The Schoolhouse
w/Sunnybrook, Little Birds + Sabra Laval

Friday, June 11th - Denton, TX
w/The Diamond Center, Dust Congress

Thursday, May 27- Denton, TX
Majestic Dwelling of Doom
w/True Widow, Sans Soleil, I Love You
DJ sets by Fur all night!

Thursday, May 20th - Denton, TX
Dan's Silverleaf
We are scoring a dance performance during
an evening of music and dance.

Sunday, March 14th - Denton, TX
Paperstain Records Day Party
3:00 - 9:00 PM
w/Seth Sherman, Dust Congress, Geistheistler,
Drink to Victory, Kampfgrounds,
Piccline, and Kaboom
(520 S. Elm St, Denton, TX - Little Guys Warehouse)

Saturday, March 13th - Denton, TX
Asthmatic Kitty Records Presents
Unusual Animals: Denton, Texas
w/I Heart Lung, Rare Grooves, .e, Dust Congress
PLUS Mariachi Quetzal all night long!
(Texas 8 Ball - 218 W Oak St)

Saturday, February 27th - Denton, TX
DayBowBow.net "1 Year Bloggerversary"
Dan’s Silverleaf $5
w/New Science Projects, Giggle Party,
Matthew and the Arrogant Sea, Damaged Goods,
and many, many more!!!

Saturday, January 23rd - Denton, TX
Gutterth Live: Episode XL
Hailey's $1
w/Drink to Victory, Piccline + TBA

Saturday, January 2nd - Denton, TX
Dan's Silverleaf FREE!
w/Barbar + More


Saturday, December 5th- Denton, TX
House Show @ 503 W. Sycamore St.
w/Dust Congress + The Kris Special (L.A.)

Sunday, August 9th - Denton, TX
Majestic Dwelling of Doom
w/Drink II Victory, Dust Congress, + TBA

Saturday, July 18th - Dallas, TX
Dallas Observer Music Awards Showcase
The Cavern @ 9:00 PM
w/True Widow, New Science Projects + More...

Saturday, June 26th - Denton, TX
Rubber Gloves
w/Cryptacize + Fishboy

Sunday, May 17th - Denton, TX
w/The Hive Dwellers (Calvin Johnson) +
Chain and the Gang

Saturday, April 18th - Dallas, TX
Good Records
Independent Record Store Day
An all day party with lots of great bands!

Saturday, April 11th - Omaha, NE
w/Watching the Train Wreck + The Dinks

Friday, April 10th - Chicago, IL
The Mopery
w/Burning Star Core, Tiger Hatchery
+ Wasteland Jazz Unit

Thursday, April 9th - St. Louis, MO
Lemp Arts Center

Wednesday, April 8th - Little Rock, AR
White Water Tavern
w/Isaac Hoskins, Joe Cripps + More...

Saturday, March 28th - Ft. Worth, TX
The Fairmount - Roman Season Festival
w/Bosque Brown + Tame... Tame & Quiet

Monday, March 20th - Austin, TX
SXSW Asthmatic Kitty Day Party
Free show @ Okay Mountain Gallery
We kick it off at 12:30!

Sunday, March 15th - Denton, TX
NX35 @ Banter
w/Fishboy + more...

Saturday, March 14th - Denton, TX
HXHF @ Muscle Beach
w/The Weird Weeds + The Shivers
AND a Champagne Kick-off!

Saturday, March 7th - Dallas, TX
Club Dada - $8 Over/$11 Under
Click here for tix
w/Wovenhand + True Widow

Sunday, February 15th - Denton, TX
Dan's Silverleaf - FREE
Shiny Around the Edges and Margaret Present:
A Screening of...
The Cure in Orange

Sunday, Febraury 8th - Denton, TX
Majestic Dwelling of Doom - FREE
w/Tre Orsi, Geistheistler + Delmore Pilcrow

Saturday, February 7th- Austin, TX
Beauty Bar $3
w/Weird Weeds + Handbrake

Saturday, January 17th - Ft. Worth, TX
Chat Room- $5
w/Tame... Tame & Quiet + Kaboom!


Saturday, December 6th - Denton, TX
Rock Concert AND Bake Sale
Dan's Silverleaf - $5
Doors: 8 PM First Band: 8:30 PM
w/Gun Gun, Handbrake, Isaac Hoskins,
Kaboom, Rival Gang

Friday, November 28th - Denton, TX
Dan's Silverleaf - $7
w/Doug Burr + Dust Congress

Saturday, November 15th - Denton, TX
Hailey's $7
w/Nouns Group, Darktown Strutters,
The Make Believers

Thursday, July 31st - Denton, TX
Rubber Gloves $?
w/Record Hop
+ Bob White and the F-Electrics

Thursday, June 12th - Denton, TX
Rubber Gloves $6
w/Weird Weeds, Fight Bite + verulf

Saturday, May 10 - Denton, TX
Rubber Gloves $6
Jen solo + Emil Rapstine, Sarah Jaffe,
and Glen Farris

Friday, April 18th - Denton, TX
Concernathon @ RGRS
w/Record Hop + many other great bands

Saturday, April 5th - Omaha, NE
w/The Paper Chase + fromanhole

Friday, April 4th - St. Louis, MO
Apop Records
w/e., Broken Letters + Macro Meltdown

Thursday, April 3rd - Fayetteville, AR
The New Deli
w/Blair Harris

Saturday, March 29th - Denton, TX
Rubber Gloves $5
w/MoM, Dust Congress + Malise

Saturday, March 15th - Austin, TX
Strategies of Beauty, Vol. 2
Dayparty at Chain Drive
1:00 - 9:00 PM FREE

Friday, March 14th - Austin, TX
as Castanets
Asthmatic Kitty & Friends Showcase
Central Presbyterian Church
1:00 AM

Thursday, March 13th - Austin, TX
as Castanets
Free Agency / Todd P NYC BBQ
Ms. Beas Dayparty
1:00 PM

Sunday, March 9th - Denton, TX
Rubber Gloves $5
w/The Castanets, Delmore Pilcrow
+ These Are Powers

Saturday, March 1st - Austin, TX
The Parlor
w/Daniel Francis Doyle + Douche

Friday, February 15th - Dallas, TX
Sons of Hermann Hall
Opening for The pAper chAse + Micah P. Hinson


Sunday, December 9th - Dallas, TX
Good Records In-Store - FREE
w/Tre Orsi + Douche

Saturday, December 8th- Denton, TX
Strawberry Fields In-Store - $1
w/Drink to Victory, Seth Sherman,
and Fight Bite

Saturday, November 17th - Denton, TX
Rock Concert AND Bake Sale
Rubber Gloves - $5
Doors: 8 PM First Band: 8:30 PM
w/Nouns Group, Douche, Fierce Perm,
Tame... Tame & Quiet, Tre Orsi, Fight Bite

Sunday, November 4th - Ft. Worth, TX
KTCU 88.7 FM "The Good Show" In-Studio
10:30 PM

Saturday, October 6 & 7- Denton, TX
Rock Lottery 9 & 10
Like Christmas and Thanksgiving
all rolled up into one crazy
weekend in Denton!

Saturday, September 8 - Denton, TX
SHQ $5 (8:30PM)
indiewriter.net benefit!
w/George Neal, Mom,
Delphi, TTXQ, + more...

Friday, August 31- Dallas, TX
Double Wide $5
w/History at Our Disposal + Mom

Wednesday, August 15- Dallas, TX
The Granada Theater $10
w/Mom, History at Our Disposal,
Voot Cha Index + Tree Wave
Mom's CD release party!

Sunday, August 26th - Dallas, TX
Good Records EARLY and FREE
Jen solo w/Sean Kirkpatrick + Daniel Folmer
Sean's CD release party!

Friday, July 20th - Denton, TX
House of Tinnitus - Dead Echoes Drone Fest 2

Friday, June 15th - Denton, TX
Rubber Gloves $8 over / $10 under
w/Shearwater, Minus Story

Saturday, June 2nd - Denton, TX
Secret Headquarters 1st Anniversary Party
JEN SOLO w/Chris Flemmons, Nouns Group
+ many more!

Saturday, May 19th - Denton, TX
Rubber Gloves 10th Anniversary FREE
w/jetscreamer, Riverboat Gamblers, Current Leaves
+ many more!

Saturday, March 17th - Austin, TX
Chain Drive during SXSW
Strategies of Beauty, Vol. 1.5
Denton Vs. Austin
w/My Education, Hotel, Hotel, The Zanzibar Snails,
Benko, and more...

Friday, March 9th - Denton, TX
Greater Denton Arts Council Benefit $25 / $35
Center for the Visual Arts, Denton, TX
w/The Baptist Generals + MoM
7 PM - 11 PM

Saturday, January 27th - Denton, TX
Fra House FREE
w/The Baptist Generals + The Modern History Duet



Saturday, December 16th - Oklahoma City, OK
EARC Thrift Store FREE
4:30 PM

Friday, December 15th - Fayetteville, AR
The Delicious FREE
w/Wooly Mammoth
10 PM

Saturday, November 4th - Dallas, TX
Art Prostitute FREE
April Pierce's Art Opening
8 PM Sharp!

Saturday, October 7th- Denton, TX
Dan's Silverleaf
Rock Lottery 8 $10 / $15
Jen has been invited to take her chances
...all for a good cause!

Friday, October 6th- Denton, TX
Secret Headquarters - Benefit for Indiewriter.net
Jen solo
w/Pierre La Farge and the Jazzberries
+ Morris Fletcher

Thursday, September 7th- Denton, TX
Rubber Gloves FREE WEEK!!
w/Current Leaves, Sarah Reddington,
and Frank Hejl

Thursday, August 3rd - Dallas, TX
The Cavern $?
w/El Boxeo, Ghostcar & Sean Kirkpatrick

Sunday, July 23rd - Denton, TX
Rubber Gloves $5 over / $7 under
w/Castanets, Phosphorescent + TBA

Saturday, July 8th - Austin, TX
Private party... call us.

Saturday, July 1st - Denton, TX
Rubber Gloves
Strategies of Beauty, Vol. 1
Free-folk/Noise-rock Festival
curated by Shiny Around the Edges

Saturday, June 3rd - Denton, TX
Secret Headquarters - FREE
w/Fra Pandolf + The Angelus

Wednesday, May 17th - Dallas, TX
The Cavern $6
w/Hotel Hotel & Minmae

Saturday, April 8th - Ft. Worth, TX
Ridglea Theater
Wall of Sound '06
w /LOW, The New Year,
Record Hop, The Angelus...
plus many, many more!

Thursday, March 30th - Ft. Worth, TX
Metrognome Collective $5
w /Stumptone + The Harpeth Trace

Saturday, February 18th - Denton, TX
Hailey's $FREE
w /SteerS, Fra Pandolf, You Are the Universe

Saturday, February 4th - Denton, TX
Rubber Gloves $5
w /Hotel Hotel, The Evangelicals, Daniel Folmer

Friday, February 3rd - Ft. Worth, TX
Metrognome Collective $5
w /Bosque Brown, A Childlike Fear

Saturday, January 21st - Denton, TX
Rubber Gloves $5
w /Mazinga II, Faux Fox, IDI*Amin



Thursday, December 8th - Denton, TX
Dan's Silverleaf $5
w/Emil from The Angelus, Amanda Leggett

Friday, December 2nd - Dallas, TX
The Cavern $5
w/Castanets, Phosphorescent, Voxtrot

Saturday, November 12th - Omaha, NE
O'Leaver's Pub $7
w/Mal Madrigal

Friday, November 11th - Wichita, KS
Kirby's Beer Store $???
w/In the Wake

Friday, October 21st - Richardson, TX
UT Dallas Radio Festival
UT Dallas Campus FREE!!
w/Bosque Brown + land & station

Sunday, October 9th- Dallas, TX
Trees $10
w/The Gossip

Sunday, September 25th - Denton, TX
Hailey's $10
w/Mates of State and The Happy Bullets

Friday, September 9th - Denton, TX
Rubber Gloves FREE!!
w /jetscreamer, JC, Mugzu, Current Leaves

Saturday, September 3rd - Denton, TX
Art Prostitute Gallery FREE!!
Come celebrate Art Prostitute Issue #6

Saturday, August 13th - Denton, TX
La Femme Qui Rock Festival at Hailey's
$6 over 21, $8 under 21
w/Bosque Brown, Record Hop, Landrest, etc...

Friday, August 12th - Denton, TX
J & J's Pizza's cozy basement FREE!!

Prairie Casual Presents
The Hex, Willie K., Jen from Shiny
+ Special guests
Samantha Lea Moss & Emil Rapstine

Wednesday, August 3rd - Denton, TX
w/Neva Dinova and Mayday at Hailey's $8

Monday, July 25th - Denton, TX
Hailey's $7
opening for the Castanets and I Heart Lung

Saturday, July 9th - Oklahoma City, OK
Book Beat & Co.
w/The Hex, TBA...

Friday, July 8th - Denton, TX
Rubber Gloves $5
w /The Hex, TBA

Thursday, June 23rd - Denton, TX
"Cat Scan" at Art Prostitute
$5 Donation
w/Record Hop and Early Lines
Benefit for Celeste's medical bills
Doors open at 8PM

Saturday, May 28th - Denton, TX
Rubber Gloves $5
Sarah Alexander's Farewell Party!
w /Oliver Future, Record Hop,
and The Black Lodge

Saturday, April 30th - Denton, TX
Willie Nelson Birthday Tribute Show
Dan's Silverleaf - $5
w/Baptists Generals, Willie K. of jetscreamer,
Paul Slavens & Sarah Alexander, and more...

Saturday, April 9th - Denton, TX
Wall of Sound Festival at Hailey's- $12
27 bands - All day fun!
w/jetscreamer, Record Hop, The Angelus,
Midlake, and so many more!

Saturday, April 2nd - Denton, TX
Rubber Gloves $FREE
Nap Time '06 Festival
w /Landrest, Bridges & Blinking Lights,
White Drugs, and many more...

Tuesday, March 8th - Denton, TX
"The Porch" at Dan's Silverleaf - FREE
Mike reading fiction
w/members of jetscreamer, Jackson 8,
and more!

Sunday, Feb 20th - Denton, TX
Private House Party
w/The Hex, Landrest, and others...

Monday, February 14th - Denton, TX
Rubber Gloves $5
Valentine's Day Special!!
w /Record Hop, Jackson 8, Landrest,
and Medicine Window

Saturday, Jan 29th - Denton, TX
Private House Party
w/History at Our Disposal, JC, and others...

Monday, Jan 24th - Denton, TX
Rubber Gloves $FREE
Jennifer all alone with other solo artists from
The S-1 Committee, Fishboy,
and more!!

Tuesday, Jan 4th - Denton, TX
Rubber Gloves $5
w /The Prids, Cordelane



Monday, Nov 29th - Denton, TX
Rubber Gloves $FREE
Michael all alone with other solo artists from
The Baptist Generals, Record Hop,
and more!!

Friday, Nov 26th - Denton, TX
Hailey's $8
w/John Lamonica, Swirve, The Hourly Radio

Monday, Oct 25th - Ft. Worth, TX
The Wreck Room $6 ($8 under 21)
w/Dios Malos, Tank Tank

Monday, Oct 4th - Denton, TX
Rubber Gloves $5

Saturday, Sep 26th - Austin, TX
Church of the Friendly Ghost $5
w/jetscreamer, Record Hop, Current Leaves

Saturday, Sep 11th - Dallas, TX
McKinney Avenue Contemporary
Artist Masami Teraoka Show Opening

September 4 - Denton, TX
The Brickhause Cafe
"Who Writes the Hits?" show curated by JR

July 15 - Denton, TX
Rubber Gloves
w/Les Messieurs Du Rock

May 31 - Denton, TX
Rubber Gloves
w/Bonfire Madigan, Shoeless Agadore

May 16 - Denton, TX
Mabel Peabody's

April 17 - Denton, TX
Rubber Gloves

April 17 - Denton, TX
Dan's Silverleaf
w/jetscreamer, Mandarin

March 18 - Denton, TX
J & J's Pizza


As best we recall...

October 18 - Echo Park, CA
Sea Level in-store

October 15 - Glendale, CA
The Scene

September 1 - Echo Park, CA
The Echo

August 11 - Long Beach, CA
Di Piazza's

June 30 - Anaheim, CA

May 17 - Newhall, CA
Java Junction
w/The Kris Special

March 12 - Highland Park, CA
Mr. T's Bowl

February 24 - Echo Park, CA
The Echo


As best we recall...

December 8 - Eagle Rock, CA

November 10 - Eagle Rock, CA

October ?? - Hollywood, CA
Canter's Kibitz Room

September 29 - Eagle Rock, CA

September 24 - Highland Park, CA
Mr. T's Bowl

August 22 - Highland Park, CA
Mr. T's Bowl

July 22 - Silverlake, CA
Zen Sushi

February 16 - Hollywood, CA
The Crooked Bar


As best we recall...

October 18 - Hollywood, CA
The Crooked Bar

August ?? - Hollywood, CA
Uncommon Grounds